UPDATED: Mailer Puts San Juan Capistrano Back into Election Mode

The organized opposition to the recall which we suspect was designed by political smear merchant Dave Ellis working with SJC Commission member Rob Ferguson, has come out blazing with lies, half-truths and counter logic. They do this in complete defiance of the law. Ferguson who is their public leader, has stated that he "will not be registering" with the FPPC as required by law. Given that they are defending Sam Allevato who votes to violate federal, state and local laws costing taxpayers millions, it should come as no surprise.

Read about it in the following story printed in the online San Juan Patch:

"Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, San Juan Capistrano residents were treated to an election season-type mailer, accusing one political faction in town of courting lawyers to file big-bucks lawsuits against the city...

The flier comes from San Juan Cares, a new group in town saying it just wants to report the facts. So who is San Juan Cares? The front man is Robert Ferguson, a member of the Open Space, Trails and Equestrian Commission who says he’s a neutral third party in the midst of two warring factions in town, the council majority and a group of disgruntled citizens looking to recall one of them, Councilman Sam Allevato.

“I started San Juan Cares because I was tired of the tone, tenor and personal attacks in our local politics,” Ferguson told Patch. “There are no sides here. It is the political environment, and anyone that would support bringing civility to it I welcome.”

But he surrounds himself with people who are clearly partisan – in support of Allevato – and even out-of-town political operatives. Ferguson’s mailer, a glossy, full color four-pager, attacks the people behind the Community Common Sense newspaper and the Capistrano Taxpayers Association but has no issues with Allevato or the council majority.

When San Juan Cares announced its formation, an email went out to the media from David Ellis, a Newport Beach political consultant known more for his efforts on the Orange County Fairgrounds Board of Directors.

When asked why he was involved, Ellis told Patch he was simply helping Ferguson out with “logistics, like email.” He also acknowledged putting together the group’s website.

San Juan Capistrano has become such an embarrassment under the control of Sam Allevato, other civic leaders are taking notice.

“San Juan Capistrano is an absolute mess. The council majority has the city entangled in so many lawsuits, violating the 1st Amendment, raising water rates without going through Prop 218 requirements and the list goes on...no wonder the citizens are recalling Sam Allevato."

- Deborah Pauly, Villa Park City Councilwoman and Air Force Veteran  are recalling Sam Allevato. I'm starting to understand why he wasn't endorsed by the Republican Party for his reelection bid.”

The ‘Political Villainy' of Sam Allevato

SJC Council members are supposed to focus on the needs of their constituents. Instead, Sam Allevato has pandered to big money outside special interests. With Allevato's removal, taxpayers will save but special interests will lose millions. Consequently, they and Allevato have brought in "The Fixer.” It looks like The Orange County Register caught them with their pants down; read the article here:
Political player gets involved in recall of San Juan councilman

The requests arrived in a clerk's inbox last month. Emails, health insurance payments, travel reimbursements, City Council stipends – a Newport Coast political consultant wanted all that and more. But not for all elected officials, just two: Derek Reeve and Roy Byrnes, who often vote in the minority on key city issues, such as water rates and the groundwater treatment plant.

The men also are allies of Common Sense, a local activist newspaper that often targets Mayor John Taylor and Councilmen Sam Allevato and Larry Kramer. The requests came at the same time a group of citizens upset about water rates tried to get enough signatures to recall Allevato.
They also came from a man with a reputation as a power player in Orange County politics: David Ellis, president of the government affairs firm Delta Partners LLC.

“This is a major player, and he will do what he needs to do to win,” said Fred Smoller, an associate professor of political science at Chapman University and a longtime observer of Southern California politics.

In a phone interview with the Register, Ellis declined to say who hired him or confirm that someone did. He said his firm has interests throughout Orange County “and we like to stay current on what's going on.”